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* This entire page is called "Handmade" because every visual seen here was literally hand made. Whether it was cutting and pasting images from old magazines (with actual scissors, and using actual glue) or coloring with crayons, they all went through an analog process.


How do you ask for help when you feel raising your hand during all-hands is useless, when you know your email will get lost in the bureaucratic wormhole of emails your company is so good at nurturing?

How do you awaken curiosity or inspiration in a world that draws
it from social platforms mainly?

How do you foster and create effective teamwork that's not bound to a checklist?

This set of cards was created for a Fortune 500 client to address those very same issues, and others, that lead to burnout through a lens of  playfulness and conversation.


The Four Horsemen
of Graphic Design.

This series of 4 quick reference guides were designed for a lead design school in New York.


Its purpose is to narrate real cases when design teams in different organizations were faced with

issues all designers face at one
point in their professional lives:

- Can you make the logo bigger

- Can the design be cleaner

- Can you use more fonts

- Can you do these last-minute edits

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