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The Four Horsemen
of Graphic Design

Mini-series of study guide covers designed for
a desperate Design teacher. "I ca
n't do 'em myself
because I'm like...gradin
g projects all the time".


The Approach

In the sea of trash that many academic book covers float around, the idea was pretty straightforward: to lure students' curiosity and motivate them to even want to even lift this guide. This was achieved through the use of Crayola hand-painted portraits that gave the print a feeling of nostalgic familiarity, balancing the tragicomedy of the publication's content. 

Like many things we design, an additional ask of creating "tees and totes for the kids"  was executed using the same design elements.


ÜI Zine

ÜI Zine was born out of the need of a conglomerate of latin american designers living in different cities in the US, to showcase as honest and raw as possible a different side of each of our countries of origin. 

The Approach

Being this a project that talked about individuality and uniqueness a mix of cutouts, collage techniques, screen-printing, and paint brushing was used to endue these publications with a personality of their own.


Knickerbocker Wine

"Can you help me do some cool stuff with wine I'm making in my apartment?" That's all I needed to hear to jump into this project. Wine in an apartment? Where are you getting the grapes from? How are you making this wine? Is it really wine? Don't you need a license? All of these important questions I was too excited to ask. I just figured an opportunity like this comes once in a lifetime.

The Approach

We played around this concept of alcohol having to be fancy for it to be good, reason why we played with classic baroque and renaissance paintings but manually intervening them to signal "this is a wine with personality". We wanted to convey this idea of a wine as tough, weird, and good-hearted as New York City so we treated the packaging, labeling and advertising in a vibrant way yet with a DIY-vibe, nodding to the house-made factor of the wine. Only 3 cases were made, and only 3 cases were sold, but vox populi suggests Knickerbocker wine might come back.


Knickerbocker by the numbers



inventory sold

We produced 36 bottles for sale and and
an additional 
4 to give to friends and family.
We ended
up selling those 4 because we got greedy, felt on top of the world, and in the process ended up blaming USPS for messing up their shippings.



We grabbed a couple of folding chairs, our wine, and tallied the total number of people who walked past our billboards and took more than 1 sec to look at it. Needless to say we used a ton of paper.



Not bad for $30 a bottle (also neither my friend or I paid ourselves anything...wonder if that had to do anything at all)

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